More Than 100 Scientists Highlight The Environmental Benefits Of Renewable Wood Energy

Anti-forestry activist organizations like the Dogwood Alliance and the Partnership For Policy Integrity have attacked sustainable, renewable wood energy with misleading claims about the technology’s environmental benefits. But as leading climate science organizations like the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have found, renewable wood biomass is necessary to combat climate change and reduce emissions.

Now, more than 100 scientists are joining the IPCC in embracing the environmental benefits of wood biomass. These scientists have signed on to a letter published by the National Association of University Forest Resource Programs (NAUFRP) confirming that biomass decreases carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels.

Read the full letter and list of scientists here

“The  long-term  benefits  of  forest biomass  energy  are  well-established  in  science literature,” the letter reads. “Forest  biomass  energy   yields significant  net  decreases  in  overall  carbon  accumulation  in  the  atmosphere  over time  compared  to  fossil  fuels.”

The science is clear: renewable wood energy is a better, more environmentally-friendly alternative to dirty power sources like coal.